Malva (Malva sp.)


Full to part sun


Long blooming - mid summer to early fall


18 to 30 inches


Pink. white


Very hardy - zone 3


Mid border. naturalizing. cut flowers


Undemanding and attractive. Water during extreme dry spells. Plants may be short lived but self sow readily.




Malva is an undemanding plant that is easy to grow and has a relatively long bloom period from midsummer through early fall. The flowers are an attractive soft pink or white and resemble those of hibiscus and hollyhocks, which are both relatives. However, it is shorter, reaching a height of 2 to 2-1/2 feet. It is a good choice for the middle of the border. The flowers make a nice addition to bouquets.

Malva performs best in full sun but will take a location with very light shade or where it receives 4 to 6 hours of sun a day. It prefers a
moderately well-drained soil but should not be allowed to become very dry in hot weather. Watering during hot, dry spells will keep the plant healthy. Malvas are not long lived - 3 to 5 years is typical. However, they are very easy to cultivate. A constant supply can be ensured by allowing a few self sown seedlings to develop every year. The seedling will breed relatively true to the parent. Space plants about 18 inches apart.

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